Monday, July 20, 2009


Experimenting with the sunset light.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Too Weird?
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Thursday, July 2, 2009


I wanted to get the casual, behind the scenes happenings that the photographers weren't getting. I don't have the equipment to turn out great pictures in low light, so there aren't many of the reception...but I am content with the way the temple pictures turned out. But really, how difficult is it to take pretty pictures when the bride looks like a frickin' Barbie doll?

Starr and Reece wait outside the Timpanogas Temple

Tori and Reece waiting

Sisters of the Bride

There they are!

Such a good looking couple!

Tori hugs her newly married sister

Starr's turn!
(Can you see that dimple?)

Group Picture: Fife Photography working their magic.

Austin's Parents

Tikla's Parents and Grandfather

Lenita watches on with little Ada

(prettiest mother of two you'll ever see)

I LOVE this shot. Bride's Brothers just being boys.
Seconds later...

Reece, Sterling, and Jay try to be serious for a picture

Sharing a moment before
the Mother Daughter Shot

Sister of the Bride looks like a Barbie herself!

Big fan of this shot! She had no idea I was taking this.
Completely candid.

I didn't realize how Starr clung to Tikla at the temple until I was going through my pictures. Starr was always right there watching, hugging, and being in awe of her big sister. This picture is not posed. Starr just happened to look right at me the second I snapped the picture.

As everyone was leaving, I caught Becca congratulating her cousin quietly...separate from the crowd. I like all the emotion in her face.

Setting up for the reception

Tikla folded hundreds of these origami flowers to decorate the event.

It looked lovely...and can you believe she only spent $30 for all the decorations?!

John and Ada share their first father-daughter dance

Friends of the happy couple

Sisters share a dance
Despite the blurriness, I love the composition.


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